The New York Times  (4/20, A1, Flegenheimer, Abelson, Subscription Publication) reports on its front page that White House officials who are “desperate to demonstrate progress on President Trump’s promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act are pushing to resurrect a revamped version of a Republican health care bill before his 100th day in office next week.” The article says some of the President’s aides “have grown consumed by the marker, worrying that public appraisals at this traditional evaluation period will be brutal and hoping that a last push might bring a measure of salvation.” The piece adds that the White House and GOP leaders “have been searching for a health care compromise that could placate enough moderates and hard-line conservatives to win passage in the House.”

Similarly, the Washington Post  (4/20, Cunningham) reports that congressional GOP lawmakers are “under heavy pressure from the White House,” and while they “are inching closer to passing a bill to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act…possible revisions released Thursday may not clinch a deal.” The White House is hoping to determine the level of support for the revised plan by Saturday, and expects a possible vote on the matter by Wednesday. Yet, House Republicans remain uncertain if “changes to the GOP health-care measure proposed by moderate Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) would win over enough conservative and moderate holdouts, who have butted heads over removing some of the Affordable Care Act’s key insurance regulations.”

The Wall Street Journal  (4/20, Ballhaus, Subscription Publication) reports Trump said he would like to see an ACA repeal bill passed, and also prevent the government from shutting down, although he would not say which goal was more important.

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