BenEx wants to help our clients reach their goals and we strive to make your business the hero of the story.  Every business out there is somewhere along the plot of a story.   Some are at the beginning of the story with high hopes and visions of taking on the world.  Some are in the middle, they have it figured out but still want to keep pushing to the finish.  Some are at the end, they’ve done everything they set out to do and there isn’t much they haven’t experienced along the journey.

The point of my comparison is that everybody likes to root for the hero and fight against the villain.  In business the hero is your company, your job, or even you.  We all push hard and want to do a great job for many reasons, one of those often times is so we can be the hero of our story.

The villain in our stories can be a number of things.  Time, competition, the market, and stress can be like Darth Vader trying to find Luke Skywalker and bring him to the dark side.  Like Skywalker, we are constantly looking for ways to overcome these obstacles to help grow our business.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.  The important thing is that we keep moving forward and learn from our losses.  Nobody wants to watch a movie that ends the first time the hero fails.  We all want to keep watching until the hero overcomes the villain and saves the day.

BenEx works tirelessly to be give our clients the tools to save the day.  We give them a light saber to fight Darth Vader.  We give them training to help Rocky defeat Apollo Creed.  Most importantly we give our clients peace of mind to know that they aren’t fighting these villains alone, we’re right beside them every step of the way.


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