The majority of Americans (71%) are satisfied with their current employer-sponsored health plan, according to a new survey by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). In fact, 56% said their health plan is the reason they’ve stayed at their current job. Luntz Global Partners​ polled 1,000 U.S. workers with employer-sponsored health coverage on behalf of AHIP. The cost of healthcare continues… Read More

UnitedHealth’s Optum division will absorb the DaVita Medical Group operations, which include primary care, specialty medicine, urgent care and surgery.   Optum already has affiliations with about 30,000 doctors and hundreds of medical care operations. “The physicians and clinicians of DaVita Medical Group provide outstanding patient care, and we look forward to supporting their continued success… Read More

By offering health insurance coverage and retirement savings options, employers are providing greater retirement savings opportunities and ensuring a significantly lower tax burden for employees, a new report from the American Benefits Council finds. The report, to be be released in its entirety in early 2018, was previewed at the trade group’s 50th anniversary symposium in… Read More

Express Scripts Holding Co.’s chief executive said he’s open to a deal with a health insurer or partnering with Inc. CEO Tim Wentworth’s pharmacy benefits company has been battered by departing clients and the vague specter of Amazon’s entry into the drug business. If a major insurer was interested in a deal, “I would… Read More

As HR leaders plan for 2018, one area that is essential to review and revamp is the employee handbook. With ever-changing regulations, trends and employee expectations, an outdated policy manual can leave companies vulnerable to miscommunication — and costly litigation. Looking back on events from this year, experts suggest employers pay attention to these top six areas:… Read More

Just when you thought you had finally figured out the millennial generation, there’s another young cohort of professionals entering the workforce. Sure, they’ve got some similarities to tech-focused millennials, but they have plenty of their own attitudes and opinions about money, relationships and, of course, work and benefits. Meet Generation Z. Generation Z was raised… Read More

Small businesses that fail to provide workers with a solid employee handbook risk exposure to potentially crippling compliance and litigation costs, but a good broker can turn this employer threat into an opportunity. While U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data varies, it is estimated that only about one in four small businesses have an updated… Read More

Today’s workforce is very different than it was 10 or even five years ago. What employees are looking for in terms of benefits continues to evolve as their needs and expectations change. Making sure your organization’s benefit offerings are able to meet these changing needs and expectations can have a significant positive impact on your… Read More

The concept of design is matching people’s needs with what’s technologically feasible — and redesigning health plans is no different for employers looking to shake things up. Creating a culture of health, rather than looking at plans as a way to curb costs, should be a priority for benefits executives when they redesign benefits programs,… Read More

As the close of 2017 approaches, now is an ideal time for small-group brokers and benefit advisers to reach out to clients and ask this very important question: Were there any network disruptions or problems they or their employees encountered with their health plan coverage this year? If the answer is no, that’s great. But… Read More