The high cost of healthcare and consequential evolution of insurance plans with high deductibles have created an improved market for voluntary products. Employers are eager to provide a more comprehensive and competitive benefits package that fills the gaps created by the risk-sharing approach of high-deductible programs. Additionally, commissions generated by voluntary can be used to… Read More

(Bloomberg) – Inc. is casting a long shadow over the healthcare industry. The prospect of the giant Internet retailer entering the business is beginning to cause far-reaching reverberations for a range of companies, roiling the shares of drugstore chains, drug distributors and pharmacy-benefit managers, and potentially precipitating one of the biggest corporate merger deals… Read More

CVS’s reported bid for Aetna would give the drugstore chain a strong position in the pharmacy benefits management market. It would also add to a series of moves CVS has been making in pharma, healthcare and health analytics. In many respects, the deal with Aetna makes sense. CVS has expanded dramatically beyond its retail pharmacy roots since… Read More

Sources say CVS Health has proposed to buy Aetna for more than $200 a share, or $66 billion Pedestrians walk past a CVS store in Chicago. PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER DILTS/BLOOMBERG NEWS   CVS Health Corp. is in talks to buy Aetna Inc. for more than $66 billion as the drugstore giant scrambles to fortify itself against… Read More

When it comes to learning about life insurance, most Americans are self-educated or gain knowledge through referrals, according to a series of new studies from Lincoln Financial Group. Only 9% receive information from a financial planner and 13% through an employer, whereas 31% do their own research and 22% consult with family members. The research… Read More