Picture a bevy of meaningful employee benefit offerings that largely fall under the financial-wellbeing umbrella and a sunny forecast may be in store for 2018, predict several industry leaders and practitioners. The need for a more holistic view of financial security in the workplace is so critical that the industry’s premier benefits researcher, which was… Read More

The cost of offering healthcare and retirement benefits varies widely by industry, with retirement benefits experiencing the greatest variation. In new analysis, Willis Towers Watson finds that healthcare costs, as expected, are the largest cost across all industries, ranging from 10.4% of pay in the retail sector to 12.7% in the oil, gas and electric… Read More

Although the Cadillac tax isn’t set to go into effect until 2020, employers are already adjusting their health plans in an effort to avoid the added expense. The 40% excise tax on high-cost healthcare, which was created to help fund parts of the Affordable Care Act, has long been one of the most controversial aspects… Read More

Regardless of possible outcomes in Washington, employers still need to look at current operating strategies to make sure they’re compliant with looming ACA requirements that are still law of the land. For example, the deadline for using the new summary of benefits and coverage template is fast approaching, Christine Pothm, a partner with the firm… Read More

Thirteen years into this HSA experiment, health savings accounts are still wildly misunderstood. Are they employer-sponsored health plans, spending accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, or is it now most appropriate to refer to them as a retirement savings vehicle? Here’s what HSAs are not: employer-sponsored health plans, despite the fact that many employers… Read More

As employees seriously impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma begin to come to grips with the devastation, they might be wise to take advantage of several existing benefits, industry experts say. In addition, HR and benefits managers may need to create some new ones immediately to help employees get back on their feet. Here is… Read More

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REGULATORS GRAPPLE WITH UNCERTAINTY IN THE HEALTH-CARE SYSTEM AS THEY EMBARK ON THE REVIEW PROCESS Anthem Inc. has said it wouldn’t offer exchange plans in Maine next year if the federal government stops cost-sharing reduction subsidies. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS By  Anna Wilde Mathews Sept. 4, 2017 9:00 a.m. ET wsj.com A deadline for insurers to file 2018… Read More