Common Insurance Questions

Whether you are the CEO of a mid-sized company, the Owner of a small business, or the Employee Benefits Manager for a large corporation, you already know two things about Employee Benefit Plans:

  1. The right Employee Benefit Plan is essential to recruit and retain talented employees, and
  2. Finding the best value for the money invested in Employee Benefit Plans is critically important to a healthy bottom line for your business.

How can working with BenEx help?


Especially important in today’s insurance climate, we stay on top of issues, guidelines and options. We keep you informed of new legislation and products that impact your Employee Benefit Plans. Through our HR360 service, you can also stay up to the minute on health care news, guidelines, State and Federal compliance and so much more.

Customer Support & Service

BenEx is a full-service agency. This means we provide service and customer assistance for every policy we sell.  BenEx has an unwavering dedication to superior customer service for all our clients, and we guarantee you’ll be able to tell the difference. Whether it’s billing, claims or network issues, you call us and we will help you through it – period.


Each year BenEx will examine the options for your business and prepare a comprehensive cost and benefit comparison. We will be there every step of the way to help you make the best decision each year based on your business goals, budget and needs.