tulsa employee benefits agency

Tulsa Employee Benefits Agency

Because employee benefits shouldn’t be complicated.

You want to give your employees the best coverage at the best price. But it all seems confusing. What should you offer? How can you compete with larger companies’ benefits to attract – and retain – the best talent?

What if there’s a way to manage group benefits – without pulling your hair out? A way to make finding the best benefits for your small business seamless and stress-free?

At BenEx, we have 26 years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses select and manage employee benefits. We’re not just another insurance agency. We’re an experienced partner you can depend on.

Our employee benefits agency provides tailored services to rival even the largest companies. Whether it’s selecting the perfect policy, handling the day-to-day questions, or helping your employees get the most value from their coverage, we do it all.

Have questions? Reach out today. Let us take the headache out of employee benefits.

Tulsa Small Business Employee Benefits

At BenEx, people are our focus. So our process begins with learning about you. We start by asking questions to help us understand your business, your employees, and your insurance needs so we can create recommendations specifically for you.

Not sure which benefits to offer or where to start? No problem. We can help narrow it down.

After getting to know you, we’ll make personalized recommendations about the types of coverage that make sense for you.

Then we get to work selecting the perfect policies. We analyze thousands of marketplace options and narrow them down to the perfect choices for you; balancing robust benefits with affordability.

Once you’re enrolled, our services have just begun. We are here to support you every step of the way.

We can answer all of your team’s questions about their benefits. Everyday questions like: what’s covered? Who’s in my network? And so many more.

We can also help your employees with tricky claims and help clear up confusing billing issues.

tulsa employee benefits agency

Wide Selection of Benefits

When you’re looking for the right match for your team, we have an extensive selection of benefits to explore.

Employee Medical Insurance

Navigating the details of group health insurance is our specialty. Our mission is to help you provide your employees with the best healthcare benefits possible. We’ll go to each carrier in your market and find the best plan for your budget.

We’ll even help you decide which types of employee health insurance coverage are right for you. Here’s an overview.

HSAs aren’t just accounts, they’re strategic tools to cover future medical expenses. These tax-advantaged accounts create a safety net so that unexpected medical needs won’t strain your employees’ finances.

Creating personalized health benefits is easy with our HRA options. HRAs offer flexibility, ensuring every employee feels secure.

Another type of tax-advantaged health-care savings. We can help you decide whether these are the right choice for you, and connect you with our partners to offer a simple FSA experience.

A radiant smile is the face of confidence. Our group dental insurance options are designed to help your team maintain and enhance their oral health, ensuring they always put their best smile forward.

We have a diverse range of group vision insurance plans, so no detail goes unnoticed. We’re committed to keeping your employees’ vision clear and focused.

Uncertainties come unannounced. Our employee life insurance policies provide the reassurance that, come what may, your team’s families have a safety net. It’s one way of offering peace in unpredictable times.

Life’s challenges shouldn’t threaten your financial security. Our selection of group disability insurance options ensures that, when your employees face unexpected hitches in life, they’ll have the financial support they need.

Besides the big policies we all know about, there are many other types of voluntary coverage products you may want to explore. From Accident Insurance, Critical Illness coverage, Cancer Insurance, or Hospital Income, these policies create an added layer of protection. By sponsoring any of these plans, you allow your employees to access them at a lower rate

During accidents, major illnesses, or even minor medical emergencies, these voluntary products act as income shields. These policies pay out cash directly to the individual experiencing a qualifying event, and the cash can be used for anything.

Life’s challenges don’t work 9 to 5. Whether confronting health concerns, mental health issues, or unpredictable events, these programs stand at the ready. Manned by skilled professionals and available round the clock, these programs grant you access to immediate assistance. With options ranging from virtual to hybrid services, employee support becomes seamless, winning nods of approval from HR teams everywhere.

Additional Services

We also have access to a robust network of additional services, so that you always have the support you need to make managing your employee benefits a breeze.

When you partner with us, you gain access to an HR benefits portal. This excellent resource for your HR department allows you to find answers to your questions quickly and whenever you need them – at no cost.

Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance can be daunting. But now you won’t have to face it alone. Through our strategic partnerships with top-tier compliance specialists, we can help you get the support that you need to make sure you’re in line with legal standards.

You’ve selected your benefits- but now you need ongoing management for them. That’s why we offer access to our partners; renowned third-party administrators. With them at your side, you can expect no-stress benefits management.

Change is inevitable, but managing it doesn’t have to be hard. When employees transition, COBRA benefits ensure continuity. Our partners can facilitate a smooth COBRA administration process. This means changeovers, rather than being challenges, become streamlined experiences that uphold your company’s reputation for care and professionalism.

Image portraying the HR benefits service offered by BenEx

An Employee Insurance Agency You Can Count On

With BenEx, group benefits planning doesn’t have to be hard.

When you work with our employee benefits agency, you gain a partner who’s with you every step of the way. Are you ready?

Let’s work together to create a workplace where everyone wins.cA workplace where well-being isn’t just a perk, but a promise.